HUM[erus]: A personal, digital fabrication tool. It is a low-cost, portable robotic arm, with changing head tools, capable of performing basic digitally supported processes, such as 3d printing, drawing and gripping. HUM[erus] is conceived as a user-friendly device, which can be easily assembled, serving as a personal tool for architects and designers, who will be able of using it in their everyday studying and professional design activities.

The project is currently being developed by TRIANTOS Architecture and engined by Zeroone Ltd. It is also supported by the National Technical University of Athens – School of Architecture and Fab Lab Athens.  Coordination: Prof. Dimitris Papalexopoulos  – Architect NTUA  // Advisor: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of NTUA


TRIANTOS Architecture is a creative team, active in the field of architecture and digital fabrication. Ιts main research project is HUM[erus] robotic arm, a personal digital fabrication tool, which has been conceived in the perspective of ‘hacking’ and ‘opening’ the scientific knowledge that now accommodates in heavy industry artifacts. Besides HUM[erus], the team’s activities expand into the field of parametric and interaction design. TRIANTOS Architecture collaborates with ZEROONE Ltd. and other external partners. The TRIANTOS Architecture team consists of multi educational engineers and robotics enthusiasts.

  • Charalampos TriantosArchitect engineer, Msc in Design Space Culture, Phd  NTUA (current)

HUMERUS R&D, project manager

Charalampos Triantos is an Architectural Engineer (NTUAthens), also holding an MSc in DesignSpaceCulture (NTUAthens). Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the NTUAthens School of Architecture, researching on the potential use of open source platforms and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hardware in architectural design and digital fabrication. He is an expert in the collective, crowdsourcing platforms and the implementation of Do It Yourself hardware into the architectural design and construction. Charalampos is the CEO and co-founder of TRIANTOS Architecture  and responsible for HUM[erus] R&D , as he is demonstrating prominent skills in mechanical thinking and problem solving. Between 2013-2015 he was employed as a teaching assistant in the NTUAthens School of Architecture, exploring the fields of architectural technology in mass-customization and digital fabrication. He has participated in international and domestic conferences, presenting TRIANTOS Architecture  main principle  on the theory of  hacking , opening up and sharing the scientific knowledge that now accommodates in heavy industry artifacts. Having both professional and research background in the domain of digital fabrication, Charalampos acknowledges that heavy industry machines are complicated to use, big in size and costly. Experiencing the everyday needs of an architect and considering that the tools of design and modeling should follow the global trends, his vision is at bringing the robotic technology to the design activities, promoting it as simple as a design software. Additionally, he practices architecture in Greece, participates in architectural competitions, works as a tutor and consultant for 3D design and animation and has organised interactive workshops in the context of TRIANTOS Architecture.

  • Nikos Tzamos | Software engineer – Computer Science, University of Athens, Greece

Nikos Tzamos is passionate about robotics, electronics and computer programming. Awards in computer programming contest like National, Balkan and International Olympiads in Iformatics.

  • George Margiolos | Mechanical engineer, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

George Margiolos is major in Machine Elements, Award in the European Contest EBEC 2015