>> our vision is to provide to every layperson, scientist, designer, enthusiast, student a lowcost, highprecision, portable robotic arm, with changing head tools, capable of performing digitally supported processes such as 3D printing, milling, drawing, gripping, laser cutting. HUM[erus] can offer the qualities of today’s desktop boxshaped 3D printers, miniature milling machines or laser engravers yet enabling for even more features and functionalities. Our robotic arm measures approximately 10x10x40 cm and has a considerably big corresponding workspace volume [40x40x30 cm] in relation to its small size. It is a 6DOF robotic arm that is equipped with our proprietary technology 01TM Supermodified Controller for DC motor, each node has 15bit encoders and a proprietary firmware that is able to correct structural backlash. Internally each node is operated by a clever timing pulley-belt transmission. The
positional repeatability at the end-tip is an astonishing 0.5mm while the maximum load is 600gr (Alu-body). The product line we envision is the following:

Hum[erus]:Elementary(Plastic/3DP body)– can be fitted with Gripper/Laser/Pen heads
Special(Aluminum Body)-to be fitted with Gripper/Laser/Pen/3DP head
XL(Alu/Carbon)-to be fitted with Gripper/Laser/Pen/3DP/engraving head

Elementary and Special are robotic arms already developed by our teams. The competitive advantage is its portability, its unmatched accuracy as well as its low price. Existing mini robotic arms cost ten times the price of HUM[erus], even without being portable. Finally, thanks to the implementation of our inhouse high resolution motors and controllers that drive its hardware, HUM[erus] can achieve accuracy and operational values of industrial excellence.